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What is Musing?

Musing is an iPhone application that allows museum visitors to use their phones to access didactic information at participating museums and galleries. Visitors scan paintings, prints, and other artwork to access educational information displayed on their phone. Musing allows for museum professionals to add educational material by reading, watching video interviews and technique deomonstrations, access to Web sites pertaining to the artwork, and much more.

Musing opens up a whole new world of possibilites by presenting educational material in a dynamic and easy to use format. And best of all, museums can implement Musing quickly and easily without the need for programming knowledge or installation of hardware.

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Musing for Visitors

Visit a participating museum or gallery listed in the Musing app. While at the museum, you’ll be able to scan artwork to learn more about the artist and the particular work you are viewing; much more information than what you would normally find on wall labels.

Current exhibits include the University Galleries at Texas State’s Permanent gallery, including works by Shaun O’Dell, Sol LeWitt, Robert Rauschenberg and Terry Winters. In addition, a temporary exhibit with works by Lauren E. Simonutti is also included. The Galleries will be having their next live show using Musing this Fall. Check out the their web site for more information.

Explore with Musing

download musing on apple's app store
Download Musing on your iPhone to find new exhibitions to visit! Looking for Android? No worries, we’ll have a version soon!

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Musing for Galleries and Museums

Your exhibitions will be viewed by all Musing users, increasing physical traffic to your gallery. Augment written wall didactics with video, Web sites, factoids and other information. Quickly and easily create exhibitions, add photos, videos, and links to Web sites to any 2D artwork. You can implement Musing in your gallery without the need to install any hardware in your space, without any programming knowledge, and best of all, your visitors use the iPhone they already have, so you spend less on loaner devices!

Add Artworks

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Musing’s Administrator Panel makes it easy to upload photos of the artworks in your exhbit

Add Points

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Place Text, Web Sites, Video, Audio and other information directly on the artworks


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Your published exhibit will show up on the Musing home screen for your visitors to discover

Participating Museums

The Sid Richardson Museum
The Witliff collections logo
Texas State Galleries logo